Understanding Golf Balls – 5 Interesting Questions and Answers about Golf Balls

Golf is a relaxing game for some. But to understand and appreciate the game, it is important to understand golf balls as well. Here are some interesting and useful questions about these balls and their corresponding answers.

1. Are all balls the same?

golf ballAlthough golf balls seemingly look the same, there are in fact many kinds of these balls. Some balls are made of only a piece and one material, while others are made of several layers and different materials. For instance, the typical two-piece golf ball is suited for novice golfers as it can travel long distances yet has low spin rate. Also, the outer layer of these balls is typically made from plastic, while their core is made from rubber.

On the other hand, four piece-balls are best suited for expert golfers who spin well as these balls have a high spin rate. And these balls are made from four different materials. Because of these different materials, four piece-balls are more expensive than their one piece counterparts.

2. What are the dimples on a golf ball’s surface for?

Dimpled balls can travel 115 percent more than those without dimples. The dimples on a golf ball reduce the amount of drag on it, allowing it to get more lift. Symmetrically arranged and with specific depths, golf ball dimples range from 350 to 450 per ball.

3. What does “feel” mean?

In golf, “feel” reflects the feedback a ball provides to the player as well as its work ability and its cover’s hardness. The “feel” also varies depending on a golf club’s interaction with the golf ball. Likewise, the “feel” also differs on the hardness and softness of a golf ball. Some balls have soft surfaces as they are made of rubber material like Balata, while some tend to be quite hard as they are made of plastic materials like Surlyn. As such, balls with soft cover give the player a soft “feel,” while those with hard covers give the player a hard feel like a “rock.”

4. Is it worth buying recycled balls?

Used or recycled golf balls could be quite useful for golfers who are also financially conscious since these balls are quite cheap compared to their brand new counterparts. Although it seems counter intuitive to think that used balls can be as good as new balls, some of these used balls have only been lightly used. Those with high grades or AAAA grade used balls are nearly as useful as those sold in sport stores. These balls were lost by their first owners in their early golf games. Other balls which have been used more frequently would likely perform poorly compared to newly made balls, but if they are simply for practice games, used balls are a great choice.

5. How do the air, weather and altitude affect a golf ball’s performance?

Weather conditions as well as conditions on the golf course could affect a golf ball’s performance. For instance, a golf ball can typically travel further in more humid climates by a few more meters. And the distance a golf ball can travel tends to increase as the weather gets warmer. Conversely, if the weather becomes cooler, the distance a golf ball can travel would also decrease. Altitude also plays a big part on how far a golf ball can travel. Typically, a golf ball launched at a higher altitude tends to travel at greater distances than a lowly launched golf ball.

Golf is a complex game and golf balls are quite complex as well. Although the answers to these five golf ball questions only explain some of the many principles on how a golf ball works, these answers nevertheless can give novice golfers and those curious with the sport an idea of how different factors affect a golf ball’s performance.

The search for multitasking accessory is over! A million thanks to Silicone bracelets.

Nowadays, consumers are wiser when it comes to their purchases. They now know how to make most out of their hard-earned money by buying products that works well in multitasking. There are some smartphones that have features allowing its users to watch videos and make documents at the same time.

There is now this little known accessory which doubles up as a messenger, invitation or even as a souvenir and it is called the Silicone bracelets.

These bracelets are made up of silicone rubber; it is a synthesized rubber which is formed by combining the polymer with silicon instead of combining it with carbon just like the natural rubber. This synthesized rubber is more flexible and heat resistant than its counterpart natural rubber. When put under extreme humidity silicone rubber can withstand the raging heat 550°F temperature while the natural rubber can only stand against the humid temperature of 170°F. Moreover, these kinds of rubber are good in retaining their shape but in the long run silicone rubber are more flexible and does not subject to wilting unlike the natural rubber.

bandThe said properties of the Silicone bracelets make it more flexible and superior than the natural rubber. Bracelets made out of this materials does have longevity and users of it can enjoy using it will definitely have the value of their money upon purchase. Today’s generation is inclined to purchase multitasking product and in line with this the Silicone bracelets has been at par when it comes to its usage. Some people or even organization uses wristbands to market a certain product, some may have used it as a mean to propagate their message or advocacies while other may have simply wear it as an accessory. Whatever the reason there is for the usage of the wristband, the bracelets maker can cater to any individual and organization needs with the wide array of services that they offer.

When it comes to the appearance of the wristband, clients are given the freedom to choose from the wide array of colors. The color combinations have endless possibilities. There are also various types of design to keep in mind when choosing the style of the customized wristbands. The wristband types/designs are the following: Debossed, embossed, color-filled, color-coated, one-inch wristband, ¾ inch wristband, segmented, swirled, silkscreen, key-chain, micro wristband and finger bands.

The styles mentioned freely allows the client to choose on how the color will be incorporated into the bracelet, how the font will appear, how the chosen colors will be combined and on how big or small their chosen multitasking accessory will be.

Without a doubt, modern day consumers are inclined to purchase a product that maximizes the hard-earned money they are going to pay, today’s sellers produces products that caters to the demanding needs of the buyers. In connection to this the makers of the Silicone bracelets sees to it that the services they have will make the customer satisfied and at the same time making sure that the customer’s accessory usage will have an impact on whatever purpose it may serve.

Accessories are meant to enhance or complement our clothing and the Silicone bracelets have paved the way for the bracelet to evolve – from a bracelet as a mean to send message, market a product or even as a memorabilia with the usage of bracelets like this people can now help other people in circulating advocacies, spreading awareness by the use of bracelets attached unto their wrists. As many would surely agree, this is just the same way as how people spread messages into their smartphones using a touch.

Military Patches: Behind the Cloth and Stitch

Truth be told, military patches are more than mere decorations on a soldier’s uniform. They are true works of art that symbolize both pride and identity. Military personnel and civilians alike can appreciate their intricate designs and colors, though the value they can see in them are different.Members of the military, whether retired or not, see these patches as a source of great pride and belonging. The veterans are notable for keeping the patches they collected over the years in pristine condition. Military patches are a memento of the years they spent in service.

Civilians, on the other hand, value the intrigue provided by these patches. The designs of patches vary for every branch of the military. Individual units and corps even have their own. All of them had no doubt used patches as a metaphor for what they do or had done. Civilians have fun trying to decode their meanings and collect a lot of patches to do so.Military PatchesThe designs seen in patches are not made so easily. The process is as complicated as designing logos for company brands. The patch design has to symbolize the meaning intended by its wearers. The colors, images, and patterns have to mean something. Hence, extensive research is done to achieve accurate representation and wearer satisfaction.The colors on patches are chosen according to the type of uniform they would be attached to. Bright colors are for dress uniforms while subdued colors are used for battle uniforms. Camouflage uniforms require the military patches to have colors that can blend with them.

In 1942, the research and design for patches was a responsibility of the Army Quartermaster Corps. The task however was eventually given to the Institute of Heraldry of the Army Adjutant General’s Office in the 1960s. It is a duty they still upholdto this day.Even at present, patches are sewn by hand like in the past. The fabric backing is cut and heat sealed. It is then embroidered with the desired design. Before the advent of technology, the process of making patches ends there but nowadays, an iron-on adhesive is applied to the backing for a better finish.

Technology brings efficiency in making patches. Machines yield faster production. Some can even scan a previous design made by hand and then recreate it immediately with sewing machines. Military patches are also called shoulder sleeve insignia. The name is derived from the fact that the patches are always attached on the shoulder part of the military uniform. It can be sewn or embroidered in the sleeves. With the advent of modern technology, attachment of patches had become easier with Velcro.

It is not only on the shoulders of military personnel that the patches are seen. They can be attached to head gears as well such as helmets, caps, and berets. Soldiers can even put their patches on their backpacks.

The patches are also detachable. Personnel can move from one branch to another. Soldier can be transferred from unit to unit. Their affiliations change. Every change comes with a new patch. It is a choice whether to remove the older patch they use or keep it with the new one on the uniforms. Many accumulate a good number of patches over the years of service.

Military patches are now a collector’s item. They can be collected and traded by veterans and civilians alike. While the market value of these patches is rather small, the meanings and fragment of history they hold within their stitches is priceless. The most sought-after patches are those worn during the Second World War and Vietnam War.

The Benefits of Movable Cubicles

Movable cubicles are maybe one of the most controversial inventions of the 20th century. People continually have mixed opinions regarding their value and significance. However, most have defended these things to be the savior of employee privacy and individuality.

To give a quick definition, cubicles are three-walled workstations designed to provide an employee a moderate level of privacy from other office workers. Workstations are separated by walls, typically five to six feet tall, and are formed into squares, or cubes, with three or three and a half sides. A small entry way is left open for quick access of other employees. This is not as private as a single-room, closed-door office, but not as exposed as compared to an open office floor plan.

containersMovable cubicles are first conceptualized in 1960 by Robert Propst for the company Herman Miller Research Corporation. The company aimed to provide solutions to office furniture-related problems, but not about the furniture itself. Their task is to research on how the office environment can push employees to be at their most excellent, productive selves without hampering their overall health and welfare.

However, it was only in 1967 that the first designs of the cubicle concept were released in public and actually utilized. The first successful setup was called Action Office II, which Propst solely designed and created. Action Office I was done with a partner, but wasn’t received very well.

It was Propst who found out about an office employee’s need for constant change in his environment to maintain motivation and inspiration. With the cubicle’s portable design, the office itself can stay at par with this need without the additional cost of having to buy new furniture. Employees also benefited with better privacy and the ability to personalize their workstations without affecting the workspaces of those around them.

These days, movable cubicles continue to flourish in call centers, stock exchanges, service-oriented corporations, and other ultra-modern companies especially after the information technology bubble. Some global corporations have reported an increase in employee productivity and satisfaction since switching into a cubicle environment.

Here are some of the best known benefits of the cube farm setup:

1.Improved employee privacy

If you have a long to-do list, having your own “safe place” can increase your concentration and allow you to complete more tasks. It also provides you the quiet space you need to prepare for more challenging tasks ahead.

2.Harmonious relationship with co-employees

Movable cubicles may have walls, but they are flexible and temporary. They are not closed like those of a private office. When you are working only a few feet away from your colleagues, you can have a better chance of getting to know them better to build a pleasant professional relationship. It will prove to be beneficial because these are actually the people you are most likely to spend most of your time with.

3.Probability of more opportunities to get noticed

When you are working side-by-side with co-workers, your chances to show your skills and get noticed will be extremely high. Because you are collaborating with individuals of different skill sets, you can learn a lot from them by working together. And vice-versa.

4.Provides a way for employees to express their individuality

Many cubicle occupants take advantage of the personal space given them by expressing their own personality. Items inside the cubicle can tell what kind of person dwells in it, which results in better camaraderie inside the office.

5.Movable cubicles are cost-effective

They are less expensive to set up and rearrange than the closed-door, brick and mortar private office. The cost of giving each employee his own office may be too difficult to bear for a company to be sustainable.

Writing Tips for Content Writers

In order to have an appealing and interesting website, it should have a good overall design and a high-quality content. Great website designs that don’t have high-quality contents are like mummies wearing expensive dresses. They might be beautiful to the eyes but they will turn off the readers. On the other side, good contents become less effective because of unfriendly website themes.

Although designs are important in drawing in more people to read a blog or a website, what makes people coming back are its contents.

Contents can be compared to a human heart that gives life to the body which is the website itself. Without it, blogs and websites are nothing. The visibility and success of a website can be measured by the quality of its contents. These contents are the things that make a website different from the other. In addition, they also highlight the strengths of the writers.

In order to become effective content writers, they have to be creative, well-versed and authentic. Of course, there are other ways on how to become effective writers and the following tips might help in achieving that:

1. Avoid writing stuffy contents

Writers must know three things: how to arrange, what that website actually contains and how the contents are rendered.

Content writerThe format and layout of a website is important to the readers because this is different from the format and layout of printed materials. When they read online contents, they tend to skim and scan texts than read them word per word. Contents having large text blocks are usually harder to read and most likely, readers will abandon them after scanning a few number of lines.

In terms of presenting the information and how it should be conveyed, content writers must allow readers to have a breathing space while scanning all the information they are looking for. To do this, writers must prefer using clear and short sentences over fluffy and long ones. Also, writers should make it a point to write unpretentious and simple vocabulary that’s easy to understand.

2. Never write low-quality and useless contents

In order for online contents to be effective, they have to be written with originality and creativity. Avoid writing clichés, irrelevant examples, worn-out language and self-evident truths. In page ranking battles, writers must rely on their authentic writing skills in order to win even if there’s an existing proliferation of content duplication. Nowadays, low-quality and duplicated contents can be easily identified with the help of special tools.

3. Content writers must clearly state their purpose

Capture the attention of the readers by telling them what to expect from the very beginning. Once their interests are caught by reading the first few lines, they will most likely finish reading the whole article or blog post.

Content writers should always make it a point to tell their purpose in every article to keep the reader’s attention going. Also, don’t hesitate to start writing an article with a conclusion and clearly proving it after.

4. Always stick to the point

When writing an article, use only one idea to discuss, elaborate and illustrate a certain point. Sticking to a point translates to brevity, clarity and conciseness.

5. Utilize the power of images

People love to read articles especially when they have visual appeal. Add flavor to the content by using relevant images and infographics to compliment the text.

6. Engage the audience

To keep the readers’ attention going, writers should consider engaging them in comments, feedback and other online activities.

7. Write consistently

Constantly seek more readers’ attention. Write high-quality contents regularly. Never let the number of readers and website visitors go down by creating a huge gap between the dates of posted articles.

What Exactly is Enobosarm?

Enobosarm is the first selective androgen receptor modulator, which enhances functions of patients with cancer. Research specialist conducted a clinical study of enobosarm therapy to cancer patients with hypogonadism, a condition of decreased function of the ovaries and testes. Hypogonadal men and women manifest increased rate of weight loss and decreased power on stair climb. The activity involved respondents who are 45 years old and above with more than 2% weight loss before the study. The research center gives random oral enobosarm to patients at dosages of one mg, three mg and placebo every day for 16 weeks. The use of the investigational drug enhanced their strength and physical performance.



The result of the study shows the following advantages of taking enobosarm:

  • Improvement of muscle mass and enhancement of physical stamina.

The drug acts like a steroid, giving more strength and power. Some athletes buy enobosarm to gain more endurance and stamina, hence having more advantage in the sports arena.

  • Decrease of body fat

This drug is an ideal partner for your workout regimen because it decreases weight, but increases the muscle mass. Experts say that you will see the significant change in about four to six weeks.

  • Retention of muscle mass

People using synthetic steroids will develop muscles during his or her regular ingestion of the hormones. However, this muscle will disappear when you stop the drug intake. This is contrary to the muscle mass developed from enobosarm, which remains intact, despite discontinuation of the therapy. Bodybuilders usually buy enobosarm for this long-lasting effect on their muscles.



  • Prevention of Injuries

The drug is a promising alternative drug for osteoporosis due to its capacity to heal minor bone and tendon damage.

  • Treatment of Cancer Cachexia

It lessens muscle wasting and promotes an active lifestyle.

  • Less harmful reactions from enobosarm

Prolong use of steroids lead to heart disease, infertility, impotency and muscle wasting which you will not experience with enobosarm. Reports on enobosarm use show that it does not damage the liver. Growth of unwanted hair and acne are not evident in patients taking the drug. However, there was a slight increase in the liver enzyme and a decrease in HDL cholesterol. Researchers stress the importance of increasing the fluid intake while on this drug therapy. Minor side- effects include headache, sensitivity to light and optical concerns. Some patients on higher drug dose experience redness of the skin, rashes on the chest, back and stomach. However, enobosarm and concomitant use of supplements for muscle development resulted in muscle pain.

The study facilitated by GTX, Inc. shows that enobosarm intensifies physical performance regardless of the testosterone level of the patient. This will likewise give hope to patients suffering from mesothelioma, a malignant cancer related to asbestos. The disease has high morbidity rate and often diagnosed at the advance stage. Similar to other cancer diseases, the treatment is multifaceted and more intensive. Patients experience severe weight loss, nausea and vomiting. When doctors introduced the drug to these patients undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, there was a significant decrease in muscle wasting. Clinical experts are conducting thorough experiments to manage this rare cancer and increase the survival rate of patients.

The benefits exceed the slight effects experienced by the participants on trial. Both athletes and people with debilitating illnesses buy enobosarm for their positive effects on muscle mass.

Scientist and clinical researchers should buy enobosarm from authorized and reputable supplier. Trained personnel should handle enobosarm because it is still a research chemical. If you are in search of this drug, providers on the internet abound. However, you should observe caution in transacting with online vendors. It is best to check various forums, reviews and feedbacks about the company before making the decision to buy.